Peer with Sitefast today,
to expand our network together.

We love to connect with anyone. Peer freely with us over any of the below listed internet exchanges,
over direct physical links, or over a tunnel. There are no bandwidth requirements whatsoever.

Via Internet Exchange

The easiest way to connect to each other is via one of the below listed exchanges.

IX IPv4 IPv6
NL-IX Within 2 weeks

Data-IX Under consideration

KleyReX Within 2 weeks

Your IX? Drop us a line!

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Phsyical link

Get the best performance via a dedicated link between your and Sitefast's network. We are present in the NIKHEF, Amsterdam as well as Serverius Dronten (SDC1) facilities right now.

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Tunneled traffic

This is a non-preferred method for us, but we are still happy to peer via any encrypted tunneling method. Please do note that speeds may be limited severely via this way. Contact us about the possibilities!

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